Bogadent Bogadent Anti-Plaque Finger Adult

Bogadent Anti-Plaque Finger Adult

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Bogadent Bogadent Anti-Plaque Finger Adult

To prevent the mineralisation of plaque into tartar and a lasting damage of the dental health, it should be removed regularly, preferably daily. The innovative bogadent ANTI-PLAQUE FINGER consists of 20'000 particularly high-quality microfibres, which are coated with silver-ions. Each of these fibres is wrapped with an additional polymer layer. The patented silver-ion technology allows a sustained release of active silver-ions over a long period and develops its antibacterial effect. The high-tech microfibre (made in Germany) removes effectively plaque and adjusts to all finger sizes and is easy to clean.

  • Antibacterial thanks to patented silver-ion technology.
  • Abrasive microfibre structure for mechanical removal of plaque.
  • Polymer coating for long-lasting effect.
  • Fits all finger sizes, retains its shape.
  • Washable and reusable for approx. 8 weeks.
  • Clinically tested and recommended by veterinarians.

Get your cat used to teeth-cleaning and oral hygiene as soon as possible, be extremely gentle and introduce as much play as possible to ensure care is effective. Pull the finger stall over the index finger and thread the loop over the middle finger to keep it in place. Apply bogadent DENTAL LIPO-GEL to the finger and clean the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and the gaps between the teeth for at least three minutes applying gentle pressure. Rinse out the finger stall with water after use. Replace every 6-8 weeks if used daily.

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