Classic Bird Grass balls in bucket  95 g

Grass balls in bucket

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95 g
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Cibo per uccelli selvatici

Classic Bird Grass balls in bucket

The diverse composition provides birds with the necessary energy reserves as well as with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The fat helps build the inner reserves and prevents balls from spoiling.

Particularly suitable for sparrows, tits, greenfinch, tree creepers and nuthatches and some other species

For most birds winter is the deadliest season. Yet they fear less cold than the lack of food, but nevertheless it's necessary to take into account the the low temperatures. The food must be complete and full of nutrients and contain, for example, insect larvae, berries and seeds which are difficult to find under the snow and the search of food becomes even impossible. Shorter days leave less time to find their daily ration. That's why this food will supply the birds with all the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to keep them healthy and strong to pass through the winter.

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Classic Bird
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