Botanical Flea & Ticks Conditioner for Puppies
Arava Botanical Flea & Ticks Conditioner for Puppies 400 ml

Botanical Flea & Ticks Conditioner for Puppies

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400 ml
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Shampoo per cani

Arava Botanical Flea & Ticks Conditioner for Puppies

This is a perfect botanical conditioner with exceptional efficiency along with aromatheraputical benefits. This conditioner is is made of oils and extracts of trees and plants, which developed the most effective defense mechanism that the nature has created against harmful insects. It provides moisture and nourishment to coat and skin, prevents itching, scratching and dryness. lanolizes and deodorizes,
leaving the coat manageable and fresh. Adds softness and improves texture while effectiveness continues the Botanical F.T.L shampoo actions.

How to use:

Apply generous amount to freshly washed coat and allow to soak for a 5-10 minutes. Avoid contact with eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly
with lukewarm water and towel dry then brush and comb periodically until coat is completely dry. This can be repeated as often as necessary. For the best results it is highly recommended to be followed by Botanical F.T.L spray.

Eastern red cedarwood, peppermint, lemon eucalyptus, catnip, clove, neem, chrysanthemum, lemongrass, thyme, cinnamon, tea tree, lemon, bitter orange, evening primrose, argan, borage, chamomile, rosemary, lavender, sea buckthorn & dead sea minerals.

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