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Ferplast Cage - Criceti 9 Pirates

Cage - Criceti 9 Pirates

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Ferplast Cage - Criceti 9 Pirates

Ready to sail away like pirates and discover unexplored worlds? It will be easy with Criceti 9 Pirates, the cage designed to accommodate small rodents and to captivate and entertain your children. With the new themed hamster cages, Ferplast is dedicating a complete range of original, colourful, cheery habitats to these friendly rodents. The cages will undoubtedly stimulate the interest and creativity of your children, thanks to the settings based on the world of cartoons and the stickers that you can apply to the base any way you choose.

Equipped with every comfort for safely accommodating these lively little animals at home, the cages are solid and robust, made of painted wire mesh with a plastic base. A small door on the roof can be opened and is useful for daily cleaning. The door has a safety catch to stop your pet from accidentally getting out.

Criceti 9 Pirates is made with great care and attention from high quality materials that have always characterized our company's products. It comes equipped with accessories including a little house, a food bowl, a water bottle and a wheel, an essential accessory for ensuring that your little animal is always lively and agile. A \"fearsome\" black flag completes the inside of the cage!

Dimension: 46 x 29.5 x h 23 cm

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